International Relations

The main objective of this program was to develop a theoretical basis and experimental methods to create more highly productive and quality intensive type crop varieties, complexly resistant to drought, salinity, heat, cold, frost, pests and diseases, as well as to lodging, corresponding to the different agro-ecological regions of the Azerbaijan Republic and meeting the requirements of agricultural production. Experts working in the fields of plant physiology, breeding, genetics, biochemistry, technology, phytopathology and entomology were involved in this work. For this purpose, first of all, the Gene Bank - rich gene pool of wheat, introduced from International Centers CIMMYT, ICARDA and the institutions of the former Soviet countries engaged in wheat breeding was established by morph physiological and other important characters. This gene pool is used to identify heritability of photosynthetic features, for study of heredity, donor features of genotypes, for appropriate selection on the basis of complex features. Since 1996 the Institute of Crop Husbandry is collaborating with International Breeding Centers CIMMYT, ICARDA on introduction and testing of samples of crops and legumes, and participates in international and regional events, personnel training courses are held. As a result of joint collaboration 4 varieties of soft wheat, 1 – of barley, 1- of chickpea and 1 variety of lentils were created and regionalized. These varieties are cultivated on large crop areas. Many scientific developments of the Institute were performed at a level corresponding to world achievements, and during the period of its activities 12 of them were recognized as inventions, and invention certificates were received for them from the State Scientific and Technical Committee of Inventions and Discoveries, and innovation certificates were received for 9 of them. 63 of 118 crop varieties created in the Institute were regionalized for different regions of the Republic by the Resolution of the State Commission for Testing and Protection of Achievements; Certificates of Authorship of the inventions were received for them. Durum wheat varieties created by scientists of the Institute exceeding international standards by quality indicators 11 times were presented at the All-Union Exhibitions of Achievements of the National Economy in Moscow, 19 times at national exhibitions, including exhibition in Algeria in 1982, in Luanda, the capital city of Angola, in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, in 1983, in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, in 1984, in the Indian capital, Delhi, in 1985, as well as in other countries, and repeatedly awarded prizes and medals, from 1981 until 1989.