Plant protection

 What we currently do:

The Phyto sanitary analysis:

Determination of the composition of pests and mushrooms diseases and also studying of their morph biological and physiological characteristics;

Preparation of the practical advices regarding the creation of resistible varieties on the basis of the internal physiological variability;

Diseases and pests:

Studying of the etiology of diseases and pests, patterns of their dispersion and augmentation;

Making a right decision for the purposes of diagnosis of pest and diseases; monitoring of pest and diseases in a various regions of the republic and organization of the agro technical, immunological and chemical measures of fighting;

Tests on the newbie chemical plant protection products and determination of their environmentally friendly features (whether it has or not );

The Integration control measures:

 Determination of the level harm to productivity that comes from pests and diseases and organization of the fighting measures contra them.

The  Phytosanitary evaluation:

Determination of resistance of the local and introduced plants against pests and diseases;

Determination of the phyto pathology and genetic parameters which are based on the mutual influences of pathogen and plant itself, for the purposes  of utilizing in the process of creation and choosing of the resistible sorts.

Determination of the disease tolerant donors and creation of the genetics resistance bank contra diseases of wheat (yellow rust and smut solid);