Goals and objectives

The major aim for our staff is the process of creation of qualitative and productive varieties and hybrids of grain (Wheat, barley, corn), legumes (pea, lentil) and fodder (clover) plants that will resist to any biotic and abiotic factors and in addition to that, for the purposes of gaining the high and productive field, we determined to work on the scientific and practical basis of the integrated growing methods.Our skilled staff provides the investigation works on biotechnology, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, entomology, phytopathology of durum and soft wheat, barley, maize, pea and clover according to the “wheat, barley, corn, legumes, sustainable agriculture and plant diversification” program.In order to get success, we do research works in what we are skilled, 28 scientific researches on 15 various topics that covers 2015-2019 is one of the target points.We have a close (scientific) cooperation with: CIMMYT; ICARDA; Krasnodar SR Agricultural Institute named after P.P. Lukyanenko of Russian Federation; Eskishehir SR Agricultural Institute OF Turkey; Botanic, Genetic Reserves and Oil processes Institutes of NASA (The National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan).

The scientific research priorities of The SR Institute of Crop Husbandry: