Academic Council

The Charter of the Scientific-Research Institute of Crop Husbandry was approved by the board of the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic on November 24, 2015, with a resolution numbered 1. The specific paragraphs (5.7., 5.8. etc.) of the resolution indicates that, the Scientific Council is in charge of the management. The director of the Institute is responsible for approval of the members and resolution of the Scientific Council. The approval process of the members provides with a secret or open voting. The number of the members of Scientific Council which is 19 comprises the following people in it - director, secretariat, scientific council, heads of the departments and laboratories, chairman of the young scientists’ council and the representatives of the trade Union organizations. We provide yearly 14-19 meetings at our institute. Discussions builds on the following topics: Reports of the doctorates, activities of the departments, laboratories and the regional experimental stations.