The groundnut plant was planted

At the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture, as a Center for Agrarian Science and Innovation and the Research Institute of Crop Husbandry, a variety of groundnut plant planted by the Zagatala RES of Research Institute of Crop Husbandry in Danachi SP on a 50-hectare plot of land was created by the Research Institute of Crop Husbandry,The experimental planting of “Charaz” variety was carried out by the director of the institute Faig Khudayev, the deputy director Atif Zamanov, the leading researcher Ehtibar Ibrahimov, the director of Zagatala RES Nabi Karimov and others. The main purpose of cultivating groundnut, which are rich in nutrients and used as fodder in livestock and as a food product in the confectionery industry, is to expand its sown area in the country and meet the needs of the domestic market.

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