Director of the Institute Faig Khudayev reviewed the experimental areas

On 05-08.05.20 within the monitoring, under the leadership of Faig Khudayev, Director of the Research Institute of Crop Husbandry, Deputy Director Atif Zamanov, Leading Researcher Ehtibar Ibrahimov  held grain fields in Tartar RES operating under the institute, sowing fields in Agstafa Auxiliary Experimental Farm, tobacco nursery in Sheki DM (agricultural), barley and wheat fields, soybean and sorghum crops with mixed sowing, Danachi of Zagatala RES, they also inspected the grain field and the seed field located in Parzivan, Zagatala region. In the field of primary sowing, the primary seeds of barley varieties "Umid", "Dayanatli", "Gudratli" and "Garabagh 22", and wheat "Gizil Bugda", "Aran" and "Khazri" were considered.During the monitoring, discussions were held and some advice was given.

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