Qualitative analysis of seeds

Determination of the variety and sowing qualities of grain that meets all the state requirements

  • Executing the primary breeding works on plants that’s take place in the mandatory of the institute; The augmentation and dispersion of seeds which are highly productive; resistible to pests, diseases, and changeable climatic conditions;
  • The production of super-elite and elite seeds, which are ecologically clean and also included the state’s registration.
  • Control on the state’s grain insurance fund;
  • Control on the various quality of grains on the basis of the license agreement;
  • Approbation of the various quality of grains on the basis of the agreement;
  • Participation in the assessment process of the seed entities and organization of the license agreement with a patent owner of seed;
  • The staff training on the seeding specialization;
  • Organization of the seeding themed exhibitions and auctions;
  • Provision of the seed manufacturers with all the necessary documents, standards and instructions;
  • Strengthening of cooperation between the private seed producers;
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