Soil and plant analyzes

Soil-agrochemical analyzes:

• Soil pH: the reaction of the soil solution (acidity and alkalinity)
• Humus (organic matter) in soil
• CaCO3 of carbonate in soil, by %
• Determination of the total nitrogen in the soil
• Determination of the amount of organic matter in the soil
• Determination of the amount of phosphorus (P2O5) easily digested in soil
• Determination of the amount of potassium (K2O) easily digested in the soil
• Determination of the number of salts in the soil (dry residue)
• Determination of total and protein nitrogen content in grain and plant
• Determination of moisture in nitrogen fertilizers
• Determination of the percentage of nitrogen in nitrogen fertilizers

Agrophysical analysis of soil:

• The density of the solid phase of the soil
• The density of soil
• Mass and volumes moisture of the soil
• Granulometric composition of soil
• Structural composition of soil
• Quantity of water-resistant aggregates
• Penetration resistance of (soil hardness)
• The special electrical conductivity of soil solution
• Water leak the ability of soil
• The water storage capacity of soil
• Hydrological constants of soil
• Suitable and productive moisture ranges for plants in soil
• Potential of soil moisture
• Mathematical studies of soil-agrophysical researches result through modern statistical and geostatistical programs

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