The state of scientific research, problems and tasks were discussed

Deputy directors of the Agrarian Science and Innovation Center Farman Karimov, Samir Suleymanov, Akbar Abbasov and head of the department Javanshir Talai, director of the  Research Institute of Crop Husbandry Faig Khudayev and directors of the Regional Experimental Stations, Support Stations and Auxiliary Experimental Farms under the institute participated in a video conference held on 24.04.20 under the leadership of Director of the Center for Agrarian Science and Innovation Imran Jumshudov. The video conference discussed the state of scientific research in the region's farms, problems and challenges, assessed the current situation and made recommendations on the recommendations of current tasks. At the same time, discussions were held on the implementation of agro-technical measures against weeds, diseases and pests in grain fields.

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