Hybridization is used in grain growing to create new varieties

Work is underway to create new varieties in the Absheron experimental farm of the  Research Institute of Crop Husbandry of the Center for Agrarian Science and Innovation. Creation of varieties in grain growing is carried out in different ways. The most common of these is hybridization.

Director of the institute Faig Khudayev said that hybridization is carried out mainly intra-species and inter-species: Hybridization is the union of different organisms, which differ more or less in their characteristics, by sexual intercourse or by grafting their vegetative organs together, and the resulting new organism is called a hybrid. Hybridization is carried out internally and between species. If hybridization is carried out between varieties of durum wheat or soft wheat, it is called intra-variety hybridization, if it is carried out between durum wheat and soft wheat varieties, no, if it is carried out between durum wheat and soft wheat, it is called interspecific hybridization. According to the characteristics and features of the selected varieties, one is taken as the mother form and the other as the father form. Good spikes of the main variety are castrated, that is, the male pollen is completely removed from the spike, and a protective bag made of paper material is passed over the castrated spike and tied through a choke at the bottom. If a safety paper bag containing is not used, the castrated spike will be pollinated by pollen from other plants, and as a result, the hybridization process will be considered as naturally, not from the pollen of the parent variety intended by the researcher. If this process is carried out between Barakatli-95 and Garabagh varieties of durum wheat, or between Murov and Gobustan varieties of soft wheat, it will be called intra-hybridization. No, if it is carried out between Barakatli-95 and Gobustan, it will be called interspecific hybridization.

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